The topics linked below contain information on a wide range of agricultural applications where pumice can improve a process, solve a problem, or otherwise add value.

Crop Applications

In large-scale crop applications, the economical price point and frothy physical structure of pumice makes it a viable solution for amending problematic native soils. And that’s just a start.

Improving Native Soils for High-Value Crops

Drip Irrigation System Filtration Media

Pumice as a Seed Coating

Functional, Non-Consumptive Composted Fertilizer Amendment

Pumice as a Chemical Carrier

Pumice in Greenhouses: Soil and Soilless Applications

Livestock and Pet Care Applications

Pumice is no one-trick pony. Being absorbent, grippy, and stable, it’s a great fit for confined animal spaces. Pumice then adds value after cleanup—in the composting process and then finally in the soil itself. And there’s more.

Confined Animal Spaces: Odor and Moisture Control

Improving Farm Waste and Manure Composting

Bulking Liquid Waste


Mechanical Insecticide

Bathing Dust: Poultry and Rodentia-class Furry Pets

Reclamation and Landscape Construction Applications

Large-scale greenscaping projects need properly structured soils to thrive. Pumice makes an economical, long-term amendment for poor or damaged native soils.

Turf Management

Traffic-bearing Soils

Biofiltration Structures

Construction Damage and Mining Reclamation

Bioremediation of Contaminated Sites

Leachate Control

Amending Compost with Pumice to Increase In-Soil Value

Horticultural Applications

Pumice is widely applicable in the horticultural and greenscaping spaces, improving the structural performance of potting, gardening, greenhouse, and landscaping soils.

Pumice vs. Perlite

—Other Pumice Alikes

Potting Soil Amendment

Succulents and Cacti in Pumice-Amended Soil

Improving the Structural Profile of Lawn and Landscape Soils

Turf Management

Lightweight Soils for Green Roofs and Planting Structures

Soilless Grow Media

—Aquaponics and Hydroponics Systems

—Bonsai Soils

Pumice in Greenhouse Applications

Pumice as a Mulch

Water Filtration Applications

Unlike sand, which filters only by trapping contaminants in the matrix between particles, the aggressive filtration performance of pumice happens both between the particles and on the many-edged, pore-riven surface of each particle.

Performance Factors

Product-Cleaning Processes: Removing Turbidity from Recycled Wash Water

Filtering Waste Water for Irrigation Use

Applications in Waste Management

Pumice has application in various ag waste management processes, especially in manure and bedding composting and in dewatering wet waste.

Pumice in Compost

Dewatering Sludge Waste to Accelerate Composting

Pumice as a Liquid Waste Bulking Agent

Leachate Control

Composting: Pumice as a Process and Product Amendment

Pumice works in compost on two levels: when added to the feedstock, it improves the composting process itself, and two, once in-soil, it provides enduring structural and moisture-retentive improvements long after the organic compost elements are consumed.

Pumice in Compost

—Improving the Composting Process with Pumice

—Amending Compost with Pumice to Increase In-Soil Value

Functional, Non-Consumptive Composted Fertilizer Amendment

Improving Farm Waste and Manure Composting

Dewatering Sludge Waste to Accelerate Composting

Pumice in Engineered Soils

Engineered soils are designed to bring specific purposes in line with long-term performance. Pumice checks both boxes, bringing predictable structural amendment to the equation that performs indefinitely. There’s a third box—economic viability: pumice checks that one too.

Advantages of Pumice for Engineered Soils

Reclamation and Landscaping Applications

—Traffic-bearing Soils

—Biofiltration Structures

—Construction Damage and Mining Reclamation

—Bioremediation of Contaminated Sites

Lightweight Soils for Green Roofs and Planting Structures

Lightweight Geotechnical Fill

Pumice vs. X

A look a various pumice-like, foamed-form minerals on the market—their applications and how pumice compares.

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