The PDF files below contain safety data, technical data, product statements and declarations, and representative grade sheets as well as a growing collection of white papers and knowledge briefs detailing various agricultural applications for pumice.

Informational Briefs

Pumice Improves Both the Composting Process and the Compost-Amended Soil(PDF)

Pumice as a Filtration Media(PDF)

Conditioning Soil With Pumice(PDF)

Pumice: An Ideal Soilless Growing Media(PDF)

Determining Soil Type Using the Jar Method(PDF)

Soil-Amending Recipes Using Pumice(PDF)


Amend Poor or Damaged Soils With Pumice(PDF)

Pumice and LEED Certification (PDF)

Pumice and Perlite: A Functional Comparison • (PDF)

Pumice vs. X: A Comparative Look at Pumice-like Materials • (PDF)

Safety Data, Technical, and Grade Data Sheets

Hess Pumice Safety Data Sheet (Representative SDS) • (PDF)

Hess Pumice General Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data Sheets detailing sieve test particle size analysis for each grade are also available. You will find them linked next to each grade sample purchase link.

Statements and Declarations

Asbestiform Free Declaration. Specifically addresses a list of common allergens • (PDF)

Composition: No Glass. Of natural origin with no glass materials • (PDF)

DOT Declaration. Not regulated as a hazardous substance by the U.S. Department of Transportation • (PDF)

Heavy Metal Free Declaration(PDF)

Natural Origin Index Declaration. Natural Ingredient per ISO 16128-2:2017 (Criteria for Ingredients and Products) of the Natural Origin Index of a Cosmetic Ingredient • (PDF)

Certificate of Non-Expiration. Indefinite shelf life declaration and recommended storage practices • (PDF)

Non-Crystalline Silica Declaration(PDF)

Non-GMO Certification. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) declaration • (PDF)

Organic Status Declaration The organic status of pumice products • (PDF)

Certificate of Origin. Mining, processing, and packaging origin + HS Tariff Code • (PDF)

Residual Solvents Statement. Volatile Organic Chemicals as defined by the FDA and European Union • (PDF)

Safety and Toxicological Declaration. Covers preservatives, animal testing and ingredients, general toxicology, and free-from listing of other substances • (PDF)

Company Information

Hess Pumice Products eBrochure—an overview of our products, services and capabilities • (MULTI-PAGE PDF)

Driving Directions to the Hess Pumice Industrial Campus in Malad City, Idaho • (PDF)

Driving Directions to the Hess Pumice Mine in Southeast Idaho • (PDF)

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